Your creative notebooks

Take it with you to save all mementos from your travel experience. 

Your travel textbook is not a simple empty notebook! It was made with care to allow you to keep trace of all your experiences while travelling and discovering a new culture. This lightweight do it yourself city journal would not take much space in your bag. It was designed to be your companion all over the trip and it would help you to collect and to store many little things you can find during the trip to make your experience memorable. 


MyTravelTextbook is full of journaling ideas. Our tips and outlines would help beginners to start journaling smoothly. You’ll be able to easily organise your notes, tickets and other mementos. Experienced travel journal owners would find plenty of space for creativity and personalization. During your trip, you’ll make this notebook unique, filled in with your experience. Later you will be able to be back to the best moment of your trip in no time.


Have a great trip and enjoy!

TravelTextbook team

We have created a general version of your travel notebook to suit any of your trips and special issue for your trip to Paris !

Our travel diaries offer a lot of space and tips for you to personalize them. Draw, write, store all your souvenirs!

All notebooks are connected. Use the QR-codes to enrich your traveling experience with music, weather forecast, etc.

Your trip book contains useful tips and interesting facts about the beautiful city of Paris.

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