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Take advantage and pre-order you creative travel notebook with a special discount.

Paris Creative Notebook

15,00 €Price
  • WARNING : Out of stock.


    Your travel textbook has been designed with love for you. This is not a common book, it was made so that you can keep memories of all your experiences while travelling and discovering a new culture. This multi-sensorial trip book is designed so that you can store in it little things that make your trip memorable. This book is also connected! It contains flash codes that you can scan to find useful information during your trip. They will help you get weather conditions but also to find itineraries, and nearby attractions to visit and much more.It is now your mission to make it unique by filling it. We hope that this textbook will save your souvenirs for years and that you could jump back to your best travel moments in no time.

  • WARNING : Out of stock.

    This textbook contains 32 pages. It has plenty of empty space for you to fill your memories. It is sell with a french collector stamp, a set of stickers, a pencil and double face scotch.