Useful tips for your trip to Paris

Weather conditions

The Weather website will provide you with real time conditions in Paris but also predictions for the next 10 days. With this information, you can now plan your week according to the expected weather.


French Songs

A playlist of the most successful songs related to Paris. This is an excellent compagnon while walking alone in the streets of #Paris


Monuments to visit

This is the official tourism information website to get the latest news and ticket information for all monuments of Paris.


Oldest Paris video footage

The video is a compilation of oldest footage of various places around Paris. It includes maps and show a side-by-side comparisons of the old and new.  It contains shots of recognizable places in Paris from 1877-1900. An incredible step into the past


List of Gardens

Looking for a green area to relax and enjoy the beautiful Paris. This city proposes a amazing gardens. One of our favorite is the "Jardin des plantes".

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